2019 Fiat Fullback Engine, Specs, Release Date, Price

The segment of light pickups is getting bigger and bigger and the market is getting new truck models pretty much every year. So far, this segment of the automotive industry was reserved mostly for Japanese and North American manufacturers. However, several new pickups came from Europe in past few years. Besides this one, there are also models like Renault Alaskan, Mercedes X-Class etc. This one is on the market since 2015 and the latest reports suggest it will continue without bigger changes. We are about to see a pretty familiar styling as well as completely unchanged mechanics, including the engine too. The new model could get few novelties in terms of new colors, new schemes, a few more standard features etc. Rest of the truck will remain the same. Expect to see 2019 Fiat Fullback by the end of the year.

2019 Fiat Fullback front

2019 Fiat Fullback Design

In terms of base design characteristics, this will remain completely unchanged. Although this Italian carmaker is known for quick and dynamic changes, this model will probably continue without changes in the following years. The reason is simple. Although under Fiat’s badge, this is practically the same truck that comes from Mitsubishi, known as the L200. This is a well-known name on the truck market, present for several decades. The Fullback is largely based on this one. Moreover, it features identical mechanics and pretty much identical visual appearance. The biggest difference is actually the grille. Rest of two trucks is pretty much the same. Moreover, both models are coming from the same Mitsubishi’s assembly in Thailand.

In which body styles will 2019 Fiat Fullback be available?

Just like the L200, the 2019 Fiat Fullback will come with three body styles in the offer. There are three versions of the truck when it comes to the cab design – Single Cab, Extended Cab, and Double Cab. No matter the body style, wheelbase remains unchanged, as well as the bed size.

2019 Fiat Fullback Interior

When it comes to the interior, things will remain pretty much the same. Just like with the rest of the truck, the interior is also almost identical to the L200. There is the same cabin layout, while the biggest difference is actually a steering wheel, which comes with Fiat’s badge. Other than that, the 2019 Fiat Fullback will come with the same dashboard design, which features decent-quality materials, though made of hard plastics, which isn’t the case with other models in the class that offer a little bit more luxury and convenience. In terms of tech features, this truck comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, which works ok but graphics could be much better. In terms of comfort, this cabin is comfortable and offers enough room even for the tallest passengers.

2019 Fiat Fullback interior

2019 Fiat Fullback Engine

The engine is definitely one of the strongest points of this truck. While Mitsubishi’s version comes with several units in the offer, this one focuses on one diesel engine. It is Mitsubishi’s familiar 2.4-liter unit, known for its amazing efficiency and overall characteristics. Despite smaller displacement, it is on par with engines from rival models when it comes to capabilities. Moreover, it offers some of the best results in the class when it comes to fuel economy. It comes in two output variants. Base versions are good for about 154 horsepower. Higher trims come with a more powerful version, which is good for 181 hp. When it comes to transmission, there is a choice between manual and automatic transmission.

2019 Fiat Fullback Release Date

Since there will be no bigger changes, the 2019 Fiat Fullback is expected to come in usual time, which would mean sometime late in the year.

2019 Fiat Fullback rear view

How much does Fiat Fullback cost?

When it comes to the price, the 2019 Fiat Fullback should come without changes compared to the current model. This means somewhere between 27.000 and 30.000 dollars, depending on the market.

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