2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak is Coming to North America

Ford prepares the new generation of its famous truck, which will finally come back to the North American market. Along with the base model, we will see the 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak as well. This is a special performance trim of the truck, which has been in the offer for certain markets so far. The new version is expected to come to North America as well, though we are still waiting for the official confirmation. The new version is about to come with various modifications, in different aspects including visual appearance, standard features, and powertrain. The 2019 Ranger Wildtrak should come in the pretty much same time as standard models.

2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak front view2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Design

When it comes to 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak specs, we expect to see same base characteristics as base models. This would mean an adoption of the new architecture, which utilizes a lot of lightweight materials. Basically, it is the same approach that we can see on the current-generation F-150. Furthermore, this version will come with a few mechanical tweaks to the chassis that should provide better overall performances.

How will the new 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak look like?

When it comes to the styling, the new version will be largely based on the standard model. Of course, there will be a bunch of distinctive details, including recognizable grey color, we hope. Still, it won’t come with those off-road enhancements. This is reserved for the new Raptor.


2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak interiorThe 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak interior will come with plenty of unique details too. Though based on the standard model, it will come with a bunch of visual enhancements. This would mean a lot of unique trim and other details. Some of the novelties would be new advanced safety systems and other tech features like active parking assist, Pre-Collision Assist with Inter-Urban Autonomous Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection and much more. Of course, expect to see upgrades in terms of better sound system, touchscreen interface, and other gadgetry.

Where will the Wildtrak be positioned in Ranger’s offer?

The new 2019 Ford Ranger will come in several trim levels and versions. This one will be a performance version, which will sit above standard models. Still, it will remain below the new Raptor, which will be an off-road performance version, and a flagship model as well.

2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Engines

Most likely, the new 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak will come with a familiar EcoBoost four-cylinder unit. It is a well-known 2.3-liter unit, which currently comes in several output variants. We won’t know which one the 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak will be using until we see the powertrain for new Raptor.

Outside North America, this version should be available in another powertrains variant. Considering the preferences of Australian drivers and drivers from other parts of the world, a diesel version will come too. We expect to see a familiar 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel unit, which is good for about 210 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque. Both engines will come in a pair with a familiar 10-speed automatic, we presume.

2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak rear view2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Release Date and Price

The new generation of this mid-size should hit the market by the end of the year. We expect this performance version to come at the same time. When it comes to the 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak price, we expect the new model to go around 40.000 dollars. Despite the fact that the mid-size truck market is pretty competitive, there aren’t actually many performance versions. Moreover, Chevy Colorado offers its famous trims Z71 and ZR2. Also, there is Toyota Tacoma TRD is another performance truck, which comes with a mighty V6 engine. However, this is an off-road version, so it should compete with the new Ranger Raptor.

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