2019 Mercedes GLA Is Coming Completely Redesigned

The 2019 Mercedes GLA is about to come completely new, and that will happen pretty soon. The new generation of this small crossover has been spotted on the road. So, the original model is about to be replaced already after six years. We will see various improvements in pretty much all aspects. First of all, there is a new architecture, as well as a completely new styling. Also, count on a completely new cabin, as well as on some changes under the hood. Expect to see 2019 GLA pretty soon.

2019 Mercedes GLA spy front2019 Mercedes GLA Redesign

The all-new 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class will come with a lot of improvements. First of all, we will see a completely new architecture, the same one that underprints the new GLB, though a little bit smaller. Compared to the original, the second-generation model won’t feature bigger changes in term of dimensions. It will keep similar proportions and overall shape.

On the other side, there is a new styling to come. The company will implement a new design language. This means a lot of aesthetical enhancements. On the other side, the base shape is about to remain unchanged. The 2019 Mercedes GLA redesign won’t bring changes in overall shape, which sticks closely to its hatchback roots. Compared to the A-Class, the biggest difference is in the ground clearance, though there are few more details that provide a more rugged look.

All in all, there is nothing radical to come.

2019 Mercedes GLA Interior

Of course, the 2019 Mercedes GLA interior is another aspect of the car that is about to come with a lot of changes. We are about to see a completely new cabin layout. Thanks to the classic hatchback proportions, the interior will be pretty practical, with a lot of leg and headroom. Compared to the CLA, you can count on more space for back passengers. Also, cargo space should be generous as well.

The quality of interior materials has always been one of the model’s strongest points. The 2019 Mercedes GLA will continue in the same way, offering further improvements. The catchiest thing on the new model should be a  new dashboard design, which will utilize not just better materials, but more gadgetry and other tech features as well.

Finally, expect to see a generous offer of advanced safety systems. We are about to see an introduction of some completely new systems, while others should be significantly improved. Also, the list of standard safety features should be more generous and include systems like including blind spot monitoring, lane keeps assist, adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree camera, automatic parking etc.

Is there a chance to see Mercedes GLA Coupe?

Considering the current situation on the market, this version seems very likely. However, it is still hard to say when will it be ready. We could wait for another year to see it, according to some reports.

2019 Mercedes GLA spy rear2019 Mercedes GLA Engines

Under the hood, things seem pretty familiar. The base model should continue with a familiar 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which should get a mild power boost. So, a max output should now go around 225 horsepower. Of course, there is also a 2019 Mercedes GLA 45 AMG to come. According to some reports, a familiar 2.0-liter engine is about to get a significant power increase, so a max output should all away up to 400 horsepower. Both models should continue with familiar 7-speed transmissions.

2019 Mercedes GLA spyWhen will 2019 Mercedes GLA be available?

The exact 2019 Mercedes GLA release date is still unknown, though we expect to see the new model pretty soon. We don’t expect bigger changes in price, which currently goes in a range between 33.000 and 50.000 dollars, roughly.

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