2019 Renault Captur Is Coming Completely Redesigned

This small crossover had instant success, with more than a million units sold in the past five years, so the company wants to continue in the same way. For that occasion, a redesign seems like a natural choice. Recently, the company has officially confirmed that the new model is in the late stage of development and that we should see in pretty soon, already in the next year. Of course, there are many novelties to come. This includes not only new aesthetics but also a new platform and complete mechanics.

The engine lineup will be updated as well and some sources also suggest an electrified version in the near future. Expect to see the new model in the next year, while the more precise date should be announced soon.

2019 Renault Captur front view2019 Renault Captur Redesign

Just like every redesign, this one will also start with a new platform. Expect to see an application of the new generation of CMF platform, which is also co-developed with Nissan. The new design will bring a lot of benefits, including significant weight savings, better dynamics, and better overall driving experience. Besides complete mechanics, the new model will also come with a new visual appearance. This will involve a lot of new styling solutions.

The new model will feature Renault’s new design language, which mostly refers to changes at the front. Rest of the crossover, as well as the overall shape, won’t be changed so drastically. Overall dimensions of the car shouldn’t be much different, though the new platform and better use of space will probably provide slightly more legroom and cargo volume.

2019 Renault Captur Interior Design

Another aspect that will come completely new is interior. The cabin of the current model dates from 2013, which it isn’t long, but requires some rework. Most likely, the company won’t risk, so we are about to see a completely new layout, with a dashboard that will include significant improvements in terms of gadgetry and tech features.

2019 Renault Captur interiorExpect more digital controls than before, as well as better-quality materials. As we’ve already mentioned, a new cabin should be also more spacious. All models from both Nissan and Renault are usually class-leaders when it comes to space, so the 2019 Renault Captur shouldn’t be an exception.

Are there any changes for 2019 Renault Kaptur to come redesigned?

Interestingly, this company has another crossover in its lineup called Kaptur, Not only that it features similar name, but also belongs to the same segment and features relatively similar appearance. However, it comes with completely different mechanics. It rides on the B0 platform, which was designed exclusively for Dacia models, including a small crossover Duster. The Duster has been redesigned recently but kept the same platform. So, we can expect something similar to this model too.

2019 Renault Captur Engines

The engines in the current model are pretty efficient, so we shouldn’t see bigger changes in this aspect. Most of the current units will carry over. This mostly refers to a small but efficient 0.9-liter gasoline engine, which is currently good for about 90 horsepower but could get a slight power boost for the future. A 1.2-liter unit is also about to carry on. Currently, this one comes in a version with 118 horsepower.

On markets like Europe, expect to see famous dCi diesel units in the offer as well, both 1.5 and 1.6-liter engines. Finally, a hybrid version is possible in the future too.

2019 Renault Captur rearWhen will 2019 Renault Captur arrive and how much will it cost?

The new 2019 Renault Captur is about to come next year. Do not expect bigger changes in price. Base models should go around 15-18.000 dollars, depending on the market.

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