2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Rumors, Specs, Release Date

Strange things are happening in the automotive industry these days, so even headlines like 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck don’t sound surprising. Moreover, it looks like Toyota is serious with this plan. If this turns out to be a truth, Lexus will once again pioneer a completely new segment, of light luxury trucks. There were some premium trucks in the past, but all of them belonged to the full-size segment and weren’t too successful. The main reason was a high price tag. Simply, most drivers still stick to the mainstream segment when it comes to pickup trucks, mainly because of affordable price.

The 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck is about to offer something different. It will be the first light premium truck in North America. Outside this continent, Mercedes-Benz offers its X-Class.

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Design

In terms of base design characteristics, it’s not hard to make a conclusion that the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck will have a lot of basis from Toyota and its pickups. Of course, there are classic body-on-frame SUVs as well, models like GX and LX. However, these two models are pretty old and should be replaced soon, so don’t expect too much influence from them.

Most like, the new 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck will feature similar mechanics as the North American Tacoma. Moreover, mechanics will probably be identical. This includes engines as well. When it comes to the body style, we definitely won’t see a single cab model or something similar. This will be a premium truck, so the crew cab model will probably be the only version in the offer. We count on nothing less than a super-spacious cabin, even if this would mean a lot of sacrifice in terms of bed dimensions.

Lexus Pickup Truck specs


While the mechanics are about to be shared with Tacoma, the new pickup will be a genuine Lexus in terms of the styling. This means that the new model will be completely adapted to the brand’s newest design language, at least at the front, where we expect to see the newest version of the company’s famous spindle grille.

Expect to see something similar to the recently updated RX350, of course in a little bit more rugged layout. Rest of the vehicle will come in classic truck manner. As we already mentioned, count on a crew cab layout, so cargo bed probably won’t be too generous.


The interior design is a bit of mystery at the moment. At this point, we can presume a lot of influence from the RX350, which is quite similar in size. This primarily refers to the dashboard layout, which should come in a similar manner, but probably with a more rugged overall look. We count on the same massive center stack, but probably with more accentuated edges. All in all, this cabin will offer nothing less than plenty of luxury. Of course, this will include a full load of tech features and other standard equipment.

Lexus Pickup Truck price

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Engine

We have no doubt that the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck will come with the same 3.5-liter V6 engine, which delivers around 280 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. We could see a minor tuning for this occasion, but definitely nothing spectacular. These numbers guarantee strong acceleration and even quite decent numbers in terms of towing. Just like Tacoma, the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck should be able to tow around 7.000 pounds. We doubt that there is someone who would ask from a luxury vehicle.

Some reports suggest even a hi-performance version of the new truck. In this case, the new truck would use Lexus’ new 5.0-liter V8, which delivers around 470 horsepower. Sounds too good to be true.

Is there a chance to see a hybrid powertrain in the offer?

Yes, definitely. There is no good reason why Lexus shouldn’t try with something like this. After all, the Lexus Pickup Truck will be a pioneer already by itself. If this happens, we don’t have any doubt that the new truck will come with the company’s familiar hybrid setup, which consists of a V6 gasoline engine and a couple of electric motors. A combined output goes up to 308 horsepower. Just like the standard gasoline model, it will come with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus Pickup Truck

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

The 2020 Lexus Pickup Trucks currently nothing more than a rumor. We are still waiting to hear something from Lexus officials. Once this happens, we will know more information about the new luxury truck. When it comes to the price, the new model definitely won’t be cheap. Our rough estimation for the base model would go around 40.000 dollars.

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