2020 Tesla Model Y Could Hit the Market Next Year

Despite obvious problems in the company, Tesla continues with the development of the new crossover, according to the latest reports. This manufacturer, known for a variety of new design solutions currently has several electric car models in its offer. Among them is one crossover called Model X. Another crossover to come is 2020 Tesla Model Y, which will have many things in common but should be smaller and more efficient. At the moment, we don’t know too many precise details about it, but there is no doubt we are once again about to see some interesting design solutions, new technologies etc. Some reports even suggest Tesla is developing a new drivetrain for this crossover. All in all, we will have to rely on speculations in this articles, considering that official details are still unavailable. Latest reports suggest 2020 Tesla Model Y will arrive in a year or two.

2020 Tesla Model Y front2020 Tesla Model Y Design

The 2020 Tesla Model Y will be a new crossover in the company’s lineup, the second one. Currently, there is a Model X, which is a mid-size crossover. This one should be smaller and more affordable. Most likely, it will be a compact crossover, with two rows of seating. Latest reports suggest it will get a completely new platform. On the other side, design language should stick to Tesla’s current design philosophy. This would mean lots of things in common with the Model X. Expect to see a familiar front end, probably with few more details. Also, various reports claim that the new crossover is about to come with wing doors, Tesla’s recognizable design. Other than that, expect a classic crossover shape and driving characteristics.

How the interior of 2020 Tesla Model Y is about to look like?

At the moment, we don’t have precise details about the 2020 Tesla Model Y’s cabin. We can only presume that the new model will take lots of inspiration from the Model X. In practice, this would mean the same digital approach. Expect to see the similar layout, characterized by a large touchscreen at the center. Still, it will be smaller, which indicates lower materials quality as well. The company’s goal is probably to make this crossover more affordable, read more competitive. Due to the electric powertrain, production costs are already pretty high, so this is the only way to make 2020 Tesla Model Y cheaper. Also, expect to see less standard features compared to internal-combustion competitors.

2020 Tesla Model Y interior2020 Tesla Model Y Drivetrain

Although several reports suggest that the 2020 Tesla Model Y will come with a completely new drivetrain, we are pretty sure that the new model will borrow those systems from the Model X. This would mean that we are about to see two versions of the crossovers. Base models should feature a familiar 90D system with 259 horsepower on both axles. On the other side, performance versions would come with 259 hp at the front and more than 500 horsepower on the rear axle, which once again promises spectacular performances. On the other side, things about the battery are still to be cleared out. Considering that the new 2020 Tesla Model Y will be smaller, it seems possible to see a smaller battery package, which would save some interior space. In any case, expect at least a 250-mile range.

2020 Tesla Model Y rear viewWhen will 2020 Tesla Model Y arrive?

The 2020 Tesla Model Y release date is still a mystery. Various reports new crossover could come in a year or two, but we are still waiting for official details. Same goes for the price.

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