2019 BMW Pickup Truck Will Rival Mercedes X-Class

After the launch of Mercedes-Benz X-Class, it became clear that the premium carmaker will soon occupy this segment as well, in order to get a higher profit. One of the possible newcomers could be a brand-new 2019 BMW Pickup Truck. Though truck and luxury sound a little bit contradictory, there is actually a pretty high demand for these kinds of vehicles. For example, GMC offers its luxurious Denali trim level for years, while other manufacturers also offer a luxury version of their models. However, we still didn’t see a genuine premium truck the market before the new X-Class. As a direct rival company, BMW will certainly introduce a similar kind of vehicle, though we still don’t know exact details at the moment.

2019 BMW Pickup Truck front view2019 BMW Pickup Truck Design

When it comes to 2019 BMW Pickup Truck specs, it is hard to say something more precise at the moment. However, we can find plenty of rumors about this potential model. According to these reports, the new truck will be a mid-size vehicle. Since BMW doesn’t have a traditional body-on-frame platform in its offer, there is a big chance to see BMW Pickup Truck riding on a unibody platform. It won’t be the first time we see something like this. You can already find a model called the Honda Ridgeline on the market and it is considered to be one of the best mid-size pickup trucks around. Of course, such a design has its weaknesses. You definitely can’t count on some spectacular towing capacity but on the other side, comfort is superior. After all, no one expects from a BMW to haul thousands of pounds.

2019 BMW Pickup Truck Will Be Closely Related to X5

Considering all the possibilities, this seems like the most certain option. The new 2019 BMW Pickup Truck will be heavily based on the famous X5 mid-size crossover. It will ride on the same platform, though we could see a little bit longer wheelbase, in order to get a fairly spacious bed. In terms of styling, we expect to see an identical front end. The famous crossover went through a sudden redesign recently and we expect 2019 BMW Pickup Truck to mimic it in most of the aspect. This includes exterior look as well. The new X5 came with a completely new front end, based on the brand’s newest design language. Expect the same layout from the new truck.

Same goes to the 2019 BMW Pickup Truck interior. Most likely, it will feature identical cabin, with only minor, barely notable deviations. The list of standard features, as well as trim level organization, should be the same too.

2019 BMW Pickup Truck side viewCould BMW Pickup Truck get a body-on-frame chassis?

If we look at the new X-Class, it is a genuine truck. So, there is a chance that BMW will go in the same directions. Just like Mercedes has borrowed the chassis from Nissan, Bavarian Giant could the same with Toyota. These two companies work together on several projects, including new Supra and Z4 sports car. In this case, 2019 BMW Pickup Truck could easily come based on Toyota Hilux, which is considered to be one of the best trucks you can find around.

2019 BMW Pickup Truck Engines

Expect to see the same engines as in the new X5. This would mean that the 2019 BMW Pickup Truck engine lineup will consist of both six- and eight-cylinder units. The mase model should come with a familiar 3.0-liter engine, which delivers around 330 horsepower. Speaking of V8 power, there is a familiar 4.4-liter V8 unit, which has a max output of 456 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque. Finally, we could see a diesel engine in the offer as well. In this case, expect to see a familiar 3.0-liter unit which in base variant delivers around 265 horsepower. Of course, there is a version that powers X5 M50d, which delivers full 400 horses.

2019 BMW Pickup Truck mainWhen will BMW Pickup Truck arrive?

We are still waiting for the official confirmation of this model. However, some reports suggest the new model could come already in the next year as 2019 BMW Pickup Truck.

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