2019 Chevy Cheyenne Rumors, Release Date, Big 10

We’ve been hearing plenty of stories about the 2019 Chevy Cheyenne, but no one can tell for sure what’s this all about. For those better informed, the Cheyenne is a pretty familiar nameplate which has been used in Mexico for years. It is pretty much the same truck as a Silverado, but the company uses a different name for some reason. Why is that, we can’t tell for sure. It is reserved for higher trims, while base models keep the Silverado name. A few years ago, the Cheyenne name has been registered as a  trademark in the U.S. too. This clearly indicates that Chevy has something interesting in mind. Car experts speculate about this for some time and there are currently three possible ways how the company could use it.

2019 Chevy Cheyenne front2019 Chevy Cheyenne As a New Trim Level

Many reports suggest that the company is about to introduce a completely new trim level, or maybe a special version under this name. It would be something like 2019 Chevy Silverado Cheyenne Edition. In this case, it would be a comfort-oriented truck, with plenty of standard equipment and a few visual distinctiveness as well. Considering the current trim level organization, it would take the place of the second highest trim, right under the High Country. Although this sounds quite likely, the fact is that the Silverado already comes in numerous trim level and that some additional confusion could only harm and turn potential customers to some other models. For that reason, we are much closer to the second scenario, in which 2019 Chevy Cheyenne would be some kind of a hi-performance version

2019 Chevy Cheyenne interiorCould 2019 Chevy Cheyenne be a hi-performance truck?

In our opinion, this seems more likely. If you expect something like 2019 Chevy Cheyenne Big 10, we will have to disappoint you. This probably won’t be an off-road performer but more like some street racer, if we can say something like that for a truck. In any case, expect lots of modifications. This primarily refers to a new engine. Currently, the most powerful engine in Silverado is a 6.2-liter unit with 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. The 2019 Chevy Cheyenne Truck would probably feature the same engine, but tuned up for a bit.

Besides a new engine, this version would also come with a number of other mechanical upgrades. This mostly refers to an upgraded suspension, brakes etc. Visually, it should be easy to notice new suspensions, with much lover ground clearance. Finally, expect tweaks in terms of styling as well. We could see various new details, both outside and on the inside, starting from new wheels, bumpers, seats, pedals, trims and much more.

2019 Chevy Cheyenne rearCould Chevy change a complete naming policy?

The last possibility would be to see something similar to what Chevy does in Mexico. In this country, the Silverado name is used for lower trims. More precisely, for Work Truck. On the other side, rest of the lineup uses Cheyenne name. The same principle is applied to heavy-duty series as well.  The same could happen on the U.S. market, though chances for this are close to zero.

2019 Chevy Cheyenne Release Date

No matter what happens, the arrival of the Cheyenne name to the U.S. market is a certain thing. How is it going to look, time will tell. Latest reports suggest we could find out this already in the next year.

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