2019 Ford Super Chief Concept, Rumors, Engine, Release Date

Few reports suggest that Ford is considering this heavy-duty truck again. To remind you, this was a concept from more than a decade ago. The company’s intention was to create 2019 Ford Super Chief to be a capable working machine that can work on different types of fuel. For that cause, the company has installed a tri-fuel system, powered by a huge V10 engine with more than 500 horsepower of a max output. However, this model has never managed to enter serial production. Today, when the car industry is moving toward alternative fuels, this seems like an idea with a lot of potentials.

2019 Ford Super Chief front view2019 Ford Super Chief Design

Like the previous concept, the new 2019 Ford Super Chief will be based on the company’s Super Duty series. More precisely, it should be an F-250 model again. This current generation is present for about two years, which seems fresh enough to introduce this concept in the best possible way. Just like with the previous model, we should see it in a form of a concept. Details about future serial production will be known later.

In terms of base design characteristics, we will see the same new platform that utilizes a lot of lightweight materials. This truck is predominately made of HSS and aluminum, which makes it the lightest truck in the class. For this occasion, we could see few chassis enhancements, considering the fact that the new multi-fuel powertrain will probably bring some additional weight.

2019 Ford Super Chief Styling

In terms of styling, we expect to see a lot of modification compared to the standard F-250 model. After all, this will be a concept vehicle, which is a perfect opportunity for a show-off. In practice, this would mean a lot of new sheet metal. Dimensions might remain the same, but the 2019 Ford Super Chief should feature a more rugged look. This refers to the complete truck, which will feature not only more massive front fascia but probably complete body with a bolder approach. The concept from 12 years ago came in a Crew Cab version, so we expect the same from the new 2019 Ford Super Chief.

2019 Ford Super Chief Interior2019 Ford Super Chief Engine

Under the hood, we will probably see a familiar 6.8-liter V10 gasoline engine. This unit has been around for years and it power some of the toughest F models. For this occasion, we expect to see various modifications, which will provide higher output and make it compatible with different fuel types.

Which fuel types will 2019 Ford Super Chief be using?

The original Super Chief concept was designed to work on three types of fuel. Those are gasoline, ethanol, and hydrogen. Most likely, the new 2019 Ford Super Chief will come in a different manner. Considering that this is the era of electrification, it won’t be surprised to actually see some advanced hybrid system, which will make the truck capable to work in three modes. This time, it would be following regimes – gasoline, gasoline/electric and fully electric. Of course, this would require some hi-output electric motor, or more of them, as well as a huge battery pack.

2019 Ford Super Chief rear viewWhen will 2019 Ford Super Chief arrive?

At the moment, the 2019 Ford Super Chief is nothing more than a rumor. However, several reliable sources claim that the company is considering to present this concept once again. This time with different design solutions. This would be a great opportunity to present some new technologies, which would later find their place in future production models. Though it is still early to talk about potential premieres, there a chance to see 2019 Ford Super Chief concept on some of the major car shows in the next year.

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