2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Is Finally Coming

The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid is finally coming! After years of waiting, we will finally see an electrified version of the famous crossover. Considering that this model is a class-leader, as well as the fact that most rivals already have their hybrid variants, it was about time to see this move from Honda. The new model will come with a bunch of novelties, including a completely new powertrain that will offer amazing fuel economy. Visual enhancements are also coming. The company refreshed standard model with various new styling details, and all of them will find their place on the new 2019 Pilot Hybrid. Expect new model to arrive in next few months.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid front view2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Redesign

The 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid will have a lot in common with the standard gasoline model. It will ride on the same platform and share most of mechanics. Moreover, it will feature pretty much the same styling. There is a familiar shape of the crossover that came three years ago. Gasoline models received various styling changes recently and this one will follow all of them. So, expect many new details, especially at the front end. There are things like new bumpers, grille, front fascia, wheels, LED headlights, taillights and much more. This version will probably come with some additional details that will accentuate its electrified nature. Expect some tweaks to the front fascia, and probably new wheels design. Rest of the crossover should remain the same.


On the inside, the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid should mimic standard gasoline models. The recent update hasn’t brought many novelties in the cabin. There are some minor revisions on the center console. On the other side, the company updated the infotainment system, CabinControl app, from the Odyssey. 4G LTE hotspot, CabinTalk etc. Also, Honda Sensing is now standard across the whole range of models, so it should be in the new hybrid as well. Compared to the base model, the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid interior will feature minimal differences. The biggest one will probably be on the instrument cluster, which will be adapted to the crossover’s electrified nature. Also, expect to see things like unique color schemes, list of standard feature and similar things.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid interior2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Powertrain

We came to the most important part of the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid, finally. Considering that this crossover has a lot in common with the famous Accord sedan, it seems natural to feature the same hybrid system as the Accord Hybrid. It is an advanced system that consists of a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and two electric motors. A total amount of power goes around 212 horsepower. Most likely, we will see this system paired with a new 9-speed automatic transmission. Such a combination should expect a smooth ride, as well as superior fuel economy.

What will be MPG ratings for the 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid?

Though we still don’t have official details about 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid mpg, we can make some predictions. Considering the same powertrain as in Accord, the new crossover should have similar ratings as a famous sedan. The current Accord Hybrid returns almost 50 miles per gallon. The new crossover will feature similar, but probably slightly lower numbers.

2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid rear view2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date and Price

The new updated version of the gasoline model already came and should hit the market in a few weeks. On the other side, 2019 Honda Pilot Hybrid release date will probably be scheduled for the end of the year. When it comes to the price, the new version will be more expensive compared to the gasoline version. Most likely, the base price will go around 35/36.000 dollars. When it comes to the competition, the biggest rival should be the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

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