2019 Honda Vezel Previews the New HR-V

While we are waiting to see the updated version of this small crossover in North America, the version for domestic market has been updated already, as 2019 Honda Vezel. Better known as HR-V, this nameplate has been used exclusively in Japan. Outside the land of the rising sun, the company uses more familiar nameplate. Also, the Chines version is named XR-V.

The original version came five years ago, so we could say this is the right time for some updates. For this occasion, the company has decided to focus on aesthetics, though there are some interesting novelties on the inside as well. The current design language has been updated with several interesting novelties, while interior features not only more style, but updated technology features as well. On the other side, powertrain remains the same.

2019 Honda Vezel2019 Honda Vezel gets a new front end

In most cases, mid-cycle updates are about visual improvement. The 2019 Honda Vezel is not an exception at all. Moreover, visual upgrades are probably the only important thing about this refresh. Of course, the focus is on the front end, so you can presume what’s next to come in this 2019 Honda Vezel review. This small crossover gets several interesting new parts. First of all, there are new headlights, which have adopted a lot of Acura flavor. Same goes to the grille, which also gets a new shape. The front bumper also gets a new shape, with new fog lights and new air intakes.

Rear end comes without more important changes, so you probably won’t notice a difference between pre- and post-facelifted version. From the side, you can notice a new wheels design. Finally, there are few new color options in the offer.


The 2019 Honda Vezel interior also comes with nice improvements. You probably won’t notice bigger differences on the dashboard, but the overall comfort has been improved thanks to the new seats and upgraded sound isolation. The company also claim that fuel pump is also quite now, though it is hard to hear the difference. Another interesting detail that Honda took care of is the brake pedal. It features new mechanism, which provides much beet feel for your foot.

2019 Honda Vezel interiorBesides improvement in terms of comfort, 2019 Honda Vezel also becomes better in terms of tech convenience. The infotainment system has been updated. The new software version includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto among other novelties.

Will the new HR-V mirror the new 2019 Honda Vezel?

These two models have been closely related so far, so we have no doubt that the new version will go in the same direction. The updated HR-V is about to come by the end of the year and it should feature same changes, though we could see a little bit different equipment organization, as well as powertrain choice.

2019 Honda Vezel engines

In this aspect, 2019 Honda Vezel comes without changes. Base models rely on a familiar gasoline engine. This unit has a displacement of 1.5 liters and delivers max power of 130 horsepower and 115 pound-feet of torque. It comes paired with CVT.

On the other side, 2019 Honda Vezel hybrid will come in familiar configuration. This system consists of a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 130 horses and 115 pound-feet of torque, as well as of an electric motor that provides additional 30 horses. Unlike gasoline version, this one comes with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

2019 Honda Vezel rear viewHow much does 2019 Honda Vezel cost?

Despite numerous novelties, the price of 2019 Honda Vezel remains unchanged. Base models are available at 2.000.000 yen, which is somewhere around 19.500 dollars. On the other side, top models go around 27.500 dollars, according to the current exchange rates.

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