2019 Ram Power Wagon Changes, Specs, Interior, Diesel

The all-new Ram 1500 came this year by the hi-performance 2019 Ram Power Wagon is about to continue without changes for another year. Although many compare this model with the Raptor, this one actually derivates from the heavy-duty 2500 model. Considering that the new 2500 and 3500 models won’t come for the next year, it seems very logical to see 2019 Ram Power Wagon without more important changes. We are about to see the same design, which includes the same visual appearance, same mechanics, interior layout, engine etc. Bigger changes will come in 2020, which is expected to be based on the new-generation model.

2019 Ram Power Wagon front2019 Ram Power Wagon Design

The 2019 Ram Power Wagon changes will be minimal. The upcoming model is about to continue in the same way, featuring familiar design characteristics. When it comes to most basic things, it is worth to mention that this truck is actually based on 2500 series. It rides on the same platform but comes with several modifications on the chassis. Considering that this is an off-road performance truck, it’s no wonder that we can see various chassis strengthening, as well as a completely new suspension. Besides mechanical upgrades, we can see a quite unique visual appearance. There are many unique details that accentuate the truck’s performance character. Some of the most notable are new bumpers and fenders, off-road tires, underbody protection, and other things. The next year shouldn’t bring bigger changes, so 2019 Ram Power Wagon will probably continue in the same way.

When the new Power Wagon is going to arrive?

Most likely, the 2019 Power Wagon will represent the last year model of the current generation. The new one is expected to come along with HD series, which would mean sometime during next year. Expect a lot of novelties, starting from a new look, engine, interior design and much more.

2019 Ram Power Wagon Interior

Considering that this should be a farewell model of the current generation, bigger changes shouldn’t come. The 2019 Ram Power Wagon interior design will come with a familiar layout. The base cabin design seems pretty much the same as on standard models, but there are numerous unique details that clearly indicate that this truck is pretty much about performances. Some of the notable details are unique color schemes, dashboard tweaks, as well as a unique list of standard equipment.

2019 Ram Power Wagon rear2019 Ram Power Wagon When it comes to standard features, this model comes with plenty of them. The list is pretty long, so would say this is pretty much a fully-loaded version. Some of the highlights are 8.4-inch touchscreen, remote ignition, dual-zone climate control, bucket seats, premium audio system, navigation etc.

2019 Ram Power Wagon Engine

Under the hood 2019 Ram Power Wagon, you will find a well-known 6.4-liter Hemi engine, which delivers around 410 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. Such an amount of power provides excellent off-road performances and overall capabilities. Still, some reports suggest that we could see another version in the offer soon. Those reports suggest a 2019 Ram Power Wagon Hellcat come. In this case, a max power would go significantly higher, maybe even more than 700 horses, which is a max output of the Challenger Hellcat muscle car.

Could we see a 2019 Ram Power Wagon Diesel in the future?

According to rumors, the new 2019 Ram Power Wagon could easily come in diesel variant too. In that case, expect some special version of the huger inline-six from Cummins or something like that.

2019 Ram Power Wagon and Rebel2019 Ram Power Wagon Release Date and Price

The 2019 Ram Power Wagon should arrive by the end of the year. Considering that there are no bigger changes to come, the should remain unchanged, which means around 54.000 dollars.

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