2019 VW Amarok V6, Interior, Ultimate, Price

Despite the age, it looks like 2019 VW Amarok will come without major changes. This pickup truck has been introducing almost eight years ago, in order to be a direct competitor to the iconic Toyota Hilux and other mid-size trucks around the world. During all these years or production, we have seen few updates and it looks like we are about to see another one for the next year. The 2019 Amarok probably won’t get more important novelties in terms of aesthetics, but we are about to see a new engine under the hood. It will be a new version of the company’s famous V6 TDI engine, which will come with a significant power boost and become the most powerful in the class. Other than that, we could see few tweaks in terms of standard equipment and new colors. Still, the base design will largely remain the same.

2019 VW Amarok front2019 VW Amarok Design

In terms of base design characteristics, the 2019 VW Amarok will remain the same, just as we’ve mentioned. This mid-size truck will continue to ride on a familiar platform, which makes this model quite capable and competitive with other models in the class. The styling of this truck didn’t change a lot through these years, so we can easily notice trails of a design language that characterizes some older-generation models from the world’s biggest carmaker. Of course, an update from a couple of years ago has brought few aesthetical enhancements, but the core has remained unchanged. The next year could also bring a few minor tweaks, in terms of new exterior colors and similar things.

Just like the current model, 2019 VW Amarok will come in various body styles. Base models feature a single row of seats, while a double-cab version seems perfect for those who need a truck that accommodates more passengers. There is also few variants in terms of bed size, as well as a chassis cab version.


On the inside, the 2019 VW Amarok will continue in the same way, featuring familiar dashboard design. Though a truck, it offers a pretty decent level of comfort, as well as a pretty refined ride. One of the great things about this truck is excellent visibility The dashboard comes with pretty simple controls, though there is a bunch of standard equipment. Even the base model is well-equipped, though the top-range 2019 VW Amarok Ultimate would be the best choice if you’re looking for something with a high level of comfort.

2019 VW Amarok interior2019 VW Amarok Engines

The biggest novelty for the next year will definitely be a new version of the company’s famous six-cylinder diesel unit. The 2019 VW Amarok V6 will come with a significant improvement in terms of power. A max output will now go around 270 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. Besides an updated V6 engine, this truck will continue with familiar four-cylinder units in the offer as well. The base model comes with a  2.0-liter TSI gasoline engine, which delivers around 160 horsepower and 220 pound-feet of torque. A familiar 2.0-liter TDI comes in several output variants, starting from 120 horsepower and going up to 160 horsepower.

What is the towing capacity of VW Amarok?

This truck has always been pretty capable. With the new engine, it will be even more, as the new model will be able to tow more than 7.700 pounds.

2019 VW Amarok rear2019 VW Amarok Release Date and Price

The 2019 VW Amarok will hit the market this fall. We don’t expect bigger changes in price, so base models should be available at 22.000 dollars.

When will VW Amarok be redesigned?

Most likely in a few years. Although many reports suggest a new, car-like unibody platform, we are pretty sure that VW will stick to the classic body-on-frame construction.


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