2020 Audi Q9

Luxurious AUDI SUV car models will be definitely marked as the top notch. In the overwhelming auto industry and excessive car market. The AUDI car segment designated with “Q” brings forward large and prominent SUV vehicles. Every SUV model like 2019 AUDI Q9 will be signed with Quality, enormous Quantity and un-Questionable engine power. We are giving specific characteristics for new improved 2020 AUDI Q9 SUV model.

Looking in the near future, as 2020 year is approaching fast, we will see lot of new developments in 2020 AUDI Q9 car model. Outer look of 2020 AUDI Q9 will go through slight changes. Grill mask, front and rear bumpers and both fender sides of SUV. It must be stated, American market has demands towards SUV models with large proportions and supreme drivetrain in cooperation with sleek design and luxury interior feel.

2020 AUDI Q9 Design Expectations

Exterior Design

Front part of 2020 AUDI Q9 will have a protruding octagonal grill mask with defining fierce look. Grill mask will be distinctively well connected with sharp cornered LED headlights. That are taking some space on the front side part of 2020 AUDI Q9.

Going below grill mask you will find pumped bumper with metal plate protection for bottom motor compartment. Seeing something like this, will give you resemblance to the 2019 F-150 truck.

The AUDI designers have made decision to target American market and get best response by doing such a facelift. Side part, between grill mask and bumper, are left for black stylish plastic opening. For wind cooling effect and stability.

Most importantly both front and side fenders will have even more curved bulge to highlight large wheels. Furthermore highlight more prominent side in comparison to 2019 Audi Q9. Bottom part of doors is reserved for chromed bladed strip finding its way to rear bumper. Near A pillar, is mounted camera rear view mirror which will show driver back surroundings of 2020 AUDI Q9. Picture is shown on the big instrument LED panel in cockpit compartment. Futuristic isn’t it?! Rear part of 2020 AUDI Q9 is designed to give a steep coupe look. Back door are hiding large trunk compartment for family of 6 members. Everything mentioned will produce a stunning effect and prominent look to 2020 AUDI Q9. Giving it comparison to legendary released Rolls Royce SUV car model.

Interior design

Prosperous outer look of 2020 AUDI Q9 will be accompanied with enormously large space in the passenger cabin topped with luxury feel and design.

Imagine SUV car that have two-row seats with compacted and small surrounding space for passenger in comparison to 2020 AUDI Q9 with three-row seats with oversized passenger compartment giving space for seven large NFL quarterbacks! See the difference.

Instrument dashboard and important speed gauge will be shown with wide 12” inch LED screen with high end response. Observing previous paragraph about exterior design of 2020 AUDI Q9 we mentioned side rear view camera. Rear view or side view of SUV will be presented, from camera, to the instrument dashboard enabling driver effortless driving without losing view on the road ahead.

Central part of dashboard is reserved for 10” inch touch LED screen for correspondence with AC and other connectivity like Bluetooth and WIFI. Android OS and application which has been chosen for AUDI infotainment system has been developed in cooperation with Continental. There is very little information and strong indications that for American market will be use Apple CarPlay system. Seats and interior are going to be decorated in premium leather and ornamented with stylish black color with crystal luxury finish. Back part of seats-head rests will be implemented with intuitive 10” inch touch LED screens for children/business people.

Engine Options

In the sea of drivetrain systems, hybrids are taking supremacy like electric drivetrain systems and 2020 AUDI Q9 SUV will get its boosted hybrid engine. Characteristics for hybrid version are still not certain as a result of very little information. For all of us who like “old fashioned” gas/diesel engine made with state of the art technology, 2020 AUDI Q9 will be equipped with 3.0-liter V6 engine who will deliver 350HP and 370lb-ft torque. All-wheel drive will be accompanied with 8 speed automatic transmission. Racing speed will be toped at 130 mph and kick start, from 0 to 60 mph, will be set to 5 seconds. There are some assumptions about 2020 Audi Q9 SUV RS type and that it will have drivetrain from AUDI S8 Plus with supreme 680HP.

2020 Audi Q9 SUV Release Date and Price

Plausible explanation, concerning arrival of 2020 AUDI Q9 SUV, is that AUDI will launch it on some top class car shows like Geneva. Price will be dependable on hybrid drivetrain and assumptions are between $100000 USD and $150000 USD. One certainty is known – 2020 Audi Q9 SUV will be biggest competitor to BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS models, Toyota Land Cruiser, Lincon Escalade etc.

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