2020 Dodge Dakota Comeback Rumored

Not so long ago, this mid-size pickup truck was competing with models like Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma etc. It was an integral part of the company’s lineup. However, things changed and sales became way to slow. Eventually, the model was discontinued in 2011. These days, this segment is getting popular once again. Colorado came back four years ago, the Ranger is coming back as well. Therefore, we are counting on a new Dakota as well. Latest reports suggest that the revival is about to happen already next year, in the form of 2020 Dodge Dakota.

It may sound too soon, but keep in mind that FCA already has a brand-new body-on-frame platform which seems like a perfect fit for a model that has been around for almost 25 years.  

2020 Dodge Dakota front view

2020 Dodge Dakota Design

Eight years after discontinuation, the new 2020 Dodge Dakota definitely seems more like a comeback than a redesign. The main consequence of this gap is that FCA now has a completely new platform, which is definitely a good thing. As you know, the new generation of the legendary Wrangler came recently. Moreover, Jeep is developing a pickup version, which should hit the market next year. There is no doubt that the new 2020 Dodge Dakota pickup will use the same architecture. It seems perfect in so many ways, especially if we consider that two trucks will be pretty much of the same size.
Of course, expect from the new Dakota to borrow some design solutions from the recently redesigned Ram 1500 as well. The legendary full-size truck was always an inspiration for its smaller sibling and we have no doubt in the same relationship in the future as well.

How a new 2020 Dodge Dakota would look like?

The is probably the most intriguing question about this revival. The Dakota has been discontinued almost eight years ago. Meanwhile, Ram departed from Dodge and it is now an independent brand. Therefore, it seems quite possible to see the new truck with a different design language. Latest reports suggest that the 2020 Dodge Dakota concept version will come first, to preview the new generation. Once it arrives, we will know about the direction in which the new model will go.

2020 Dodge Dakota view

Meanwhile, we can speculate. In our opinion, the new Dakota will continue to stick to the legendary Ram 1500. Two brands may be departed now, but connections between two models are way too deep. Another obvious indicator is that Dodge hasn’t renewed its design language for years.
In any case, we count on a common truck layout. The new model should come in multiple configurations, probably with all three cab design in the offer. This leads us to Dodge Dakota bed size, which should also be available in at least two lengths.


When it comes to the interior design, we presume that Dodge will come up with something new. Of course, count on some inspiration from the bigger Ram 1500, but we still expect to see a large portion of unique details on the dashboard and on the rest of the cabin. As we already mentioned, there will probably be three cab designs in the offer, with either single or two rows of seating. In both cases, count on a pretty upscale interior, full of quality materials. Also, count on a long list of standard equipment.

2020 Dodge Dakota interior

2020 Dodge Dakota Engines

A wide range of engines in the offer should be the 2020 Dodge Dakota’s strong point. Base models should feature a familiar 3.6-liter V6, which is good for about 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.
We count on anew 2.0-liter turbo-four, which is good for about 270 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. It may feature similar power but definitely offers much better efficiency.
Of course, we count on a familiar 3.0-liter turbodiesel engine as well, which is good for about 260 horses and 440 pound-feet of torque.
Finally, some reports suggest 2020 Dodge Dakota R/T version as well, with a large V8 unit. That would be a familiar 5.7-liter engine which delivers around 395 horsepower.
All engines should be paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Dodge Dakota Release Date and Price

atest reports suggest arrival in the next year. When it comes to the 2020 Dodge Dakota price, base models will probably go around 25.000 dollars.

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