2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid, Changes, MPG, Price, Release Date

There is no doubt that the 2020 Honda Pilot will continue to be one of the class-leaders in the segment of mid-size crossover. This amazing SUV has been well-known for its versatility. We could easily say that this model probably doesn’t have any major weak point. The current generation is present on the market for about three years. However, the company has already prepared a facelift for the  2019-year model. In most cases, this would indicate no changes for the year after a major update. In this case, things will probably be different. Latest reports suggest that the 2020 Pilot is about to get another novelty, this time under the hood. It looks like we are finally about to see a hybrid version of this excellent crossover. Expect to see it sometime in the second half of the next year.

2020 Honda Pilot frontWhat will be new for the 2020 Honda Pilot?

As we already mentioned, the recent facelift has brought a lot of novelties. However, those were mostly in terms of visual appearance. On the other side, we haven’t seen changes in terms of mechanics. The next year could bring some of them, considering that various reports suggest the arrival of the new 2020 Honda Pilot Hybrid version. This kind of powertrain has been one of the most anticipated things about the Pilot for years and we are finally about to see it. Most likely, it will be the same system that has been used in the new Accord. It is a familiar combination of a four-cylinder gasoline engine and a couple of electric motors.

A total output goes around 212 horsepower, but the strongest point of this version will definitely be excellent fuel economy. In the Accord, it goes around 50 miles per gallon. The Pilot is heavier and don’t feature such good aerodynamics, so mpg ratings will be slightly lower, but still on an amazing level.

2020 Honda Pilot Design

Main 2020 Honda Pilot changes will be in terms of a new hybrid powertrain. On the other side, the rest of the crossover is about to remain pretty much the same. Considering the recent update, this sounds pretty logical. Last year, we saw a lot of novelties. Most of them are in terms of exterior styling. The new version comes with a completely new face, with things like a new grille, new headlights, new front bumper and much more. Other areas of the vehicle also received novelties but in a smaller intensity.

2020 Honda Pilot interiorSame goes for the interior design. Last year has brought several novelties. There are new details on the dashboard, pretty much all inspired by the new Odyssey. The instrument cluster is also new and also looks similar to one that can be found in the Odyssey. Finally, the infotainment system has been updated and comes with the CabinControl app, another feature originally introduced in the popular minivan.

2020 Honda Pilot Engine

Other than a new hybrid powertrain, the 2020 Honda Pilot will continue with a familiar V6 engine. This unit features a displacement of 3.5 liters and delivers max power around 280 horses. When it comes to transmission, base models feature a 6-speed, while higher trims are equipped with a new 9-speed automatic gearbox.

Does Honda Pilot feature a good fuel economy?

When it comes to mpg ratings, this crossover marks results that are average for the class. Average fuel economy goes around 19 mpg in the city, 27 on the highway and 22 combined. AWD models are slightly thirstier, so you count on one mile less per gallon, compared to FWD models.

2020 Honda Pilot rear view2020 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

The 2020 Honda Pilot will come late in the next year. Base models should go around 31.500 dollars.

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