2020 Lincoln Navigator Could Get Hybrid Powertrain

The famous model has been a household name for full-size luxury SUVs for years. It has been redesigned recently, which clearly indicates that there are no bigger changes to come for the 2020 Lincoln Navigator. We saw lots of changes with the recent overhaul. The new model gets a new platform, as well as a completely new styling, significantly improved compared to the previous model.

Also, there is a new efficient engine, as well as a whole list of advanced driver-assist features. Considering all these novelties, modifications for the next year seem pretty unlikely. However, several reports suggest a hybrid powertrain in the near future. So, this could potentially be a novelty for the 2020 Navigator. Still, we didn’t hear a word from the officials so far, which suggest taking these rumors with a dose of a reserve.

2020 Lincoln Navigator frontWhat could be new for the 2020 Lincoln Navigator?

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator will represent the second production year of the new generations. Seems like enough info to make a conclusion that there is no place for bigger changes for the next year. Still, expect few minor tweaks, in terms of new color options, as well as in terms of few additional standard features for each trim level. Other than that, things should remain pretty much the same. Of course, there is a powertrain issue. Various reports suggest a hybrid powertrain in the future. Expect a combination of some of the company’s familiar EcoBoost V6 units and hi-output electric motor(s). Still, we can’t say for sure that the new powertrain will be ready for the 2020 Lincoln Navigator.

2020 Lincoln Navigator Design and Features

As we’ve already mentioned for a few times, this full-size luxury SUV received a complete overhaul recently. It is a clear indication to not expect anything significant for the 2020 Lincoln Navigator. Changes in this redesign were pretty numerous. We have seen a lot of interesting novelties. Of course, one of the highlights is a new platform, the same one that brought all those revolutionary changes with the new F-150.

2020 Lincoln Navigator interiorThis SUV adopted all of them, so it also comes with significant weight savings. Another important novelty for this redesign is an independent rear suspension, which significantly improves the overall level of comfort. Speaking of comfort, the new interior comes with better-quality materials and a plethora of new technologies, including some of the pretty advanced drive-assist and safety systems. The list of standard equipment goes on and includes things like a 10-inch touchscreen, 14-speaker audio system, three-zone automatic climate control, satellite radio etc.

2020 Lincoln Navigator Engine

One of the most radical changes that came with this redesign was under the hood. All previous generation were relying exclusively on V8 engines. The new one comes with six cylinders only. In accordance with Ford’s downsizing policy, this huge SUV now comes with a smaller, but extremely efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. It is the same twin-turbo version that powers the Raptor, which delivers around 450 horsepower.

It comes in a pair with a new 10-speed automatic transmission. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator will definitely come without changes in this aspect.

2020 Lincoln Navigator rear2020 Lincoln Navigator Release Date and Price

Considering that company plans no bigger changes for the next year, expect the new model to arrive late in the year. When it comes to 2020 Lincoln Navigator price, expect no changes, which means that base models will go around 72.500 dollars. Interestingly, the model’s biggest rival, Cadillac Escalade, is coming completely new next year.

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