2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R Specs

When the Japanese company finally introduced the Civic Type R to the US market, every automotive fan was roused with the capability, power, and overall efficiency of the vehicle. But, for no reason, Honda decided to stop the production and left us with only one Type R badge mode. Nowadays, the industry is full of high-performance trucks. In this review will we talk about 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R.

So, the major automaker like Honda must jump right in it, as soon as possible. And is there a better model more suitable to carry the famous red badge than the Ridgeline? The upcoming 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R will bring a 450 hp turbocharged V6 unit, remodeled exterior elements, and design that will fit perfectly to the picture you imagine when thinking of Type R vehicle.


Exterior Design

2021 Honda Ridgeline is a performance-oriented version of the standard pickup truck. So, expect to see lots of improvements, especially in the engine room and mechanics. The aerodynamics and the cooling features will get a significant improvement as well. Besides the functionality, these elements will help to distinguish Type R from the regular model.

Furthermore, the intakes, fins, and vents will be placed in a similar position as on the Civic Type R. The front grille and front borrow takes specific design cues from the compact stablemate as well. Still, the first thing you are going to notice will be the three-section lower frill and the blacked-out upper grille. Also, the hood brings a scoop for cooling the rear side of the V6 engine, just like on the mentioned Civic.

Below you’ll see a carbon fiber aero bits- side sills, diffuse outback, and a front chin splitter. As you can expect, the noticeable red accent color dominated the wheels and badges. 2021 Type R comes with low-profile summer rubber and a light-weight 19-inch alloy wheels that fit the massive disc brakes. On top of that, expect to see a practical cargo bed, in-trunk, and a two-way tailgate.

2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R Engine Specs

Usually, engine room specs are the most exciting parts of the review. So, let’s see what 2021 Honda Ridgeline Type R has to offer. Under the hood will be a 3.5-liter V6 unit. But, the company will try to boost this engine to gain more power and energy from it. The regular 3.5-liter powertrain produces 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque.

That more than enough power, but for the standard version of the Ridgeline. Type R needs something more powerful. According to our sources, Honda is developing a turbocharged unit that will provide more air intakes. At the same time, the upgraded direct-injection fuel system spurt more 91-octane into the cylinders.

Moreover, the refined VTEC system will increase the power in the engine’s upper register. With this configuration, the Type R will get around 450 hp and 420 lb-ft. Also, the Japanese automaker will probably keep the current all-wheel-drive system, but adjust it to handle the extra power. The Type R’s AWD includes a computer-controlled wet clutch-pack system that switches power to whichever wheel with traction.

So, with that feature available, we assume that the active torque vectoring can’t be far away. The predicted 0-60 mph acceleration should match the Civic’s 4.9 seconds. But, the maximum speed will be lower than 170 mph, because of the extra drag.


Release Date and Price

2021 Honda Ridgeline will cost more than its Civic sibling. The upcoming pickup will have a price of roughly around $6,500 higher than the most expensive Civic – The Black Edition. The 2017 version of the Black Edition starts at $43,200.

So, we expect that the Type R will be very close to the $50K mark. The release date is still unknown. Still, we know that the regular version of 2021 Ridgeline will be ready in the second quartal of next year. After that, the Type R will make a debut as well.

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