Subaru Pickup Truck Rumors, Concept, Interior, Price

Not so long ago, this Japanese manufacturer was full of car-based pickups in its offer. Those were usually small pickups, but the new Subaru Pickup Truck is expected to be much bigger. According to the latest reports, the company prepares a brand-new vehicle for its lineup. This time, we will see a completely new kind of car, or truck to be more precise. For this occasion, the company will use the new platform that underprints new Ascent. Moreover, these two models should be closely related in many aspects, both visual and mechanical. We still don’t have any information about a possible launch date, though some reports suggest already next year.

Subaru Pickup Truck Specs

Speaking of the Subaru Pickup Truck base design characteristics, we expect to see a lot in common with the recently-launched Ascent crossover. These two models should feature completely the same mechanics. There is the company’s new global platform, which is in use for most of the models from Subaru’s lineup, thanks to its flexibility. Considering this fact, it becomes clear that Subaru Pickup Truck won’t feature a classic body-on-frame construction, like most future rivals. This one will go in a similar direction as the Honda Ridgeline, which offers a little bit less utility but far more comfort compared to competitors.

Subaru Pickup Truck front viewSubaru Pickup Truck Styling

It’s not hard to guess that the new Subaru Pickup Truck will feature the same design language as new Ascent. In practice, this would mean an almost identical front end, with all those design elements we used to on Subaru’s models. It is a nice combination of conventional philosophy that is spiced up with few sharp lines and modern details. On the other side, expect a classic pickup layout at the rear end. This will be a comfort-oriented truck, so we don’t expect some spectacular bed size. Moreover, it is almost certain that the new pickup truck won’t come in regular cab design, but only in double or crew cab version.

In any case, expect a pretty spacious interior design, similar to the new Ascent. This would mean a lot of legroom for all passenger and hi-quality materials all over the cabin. Also, expect to see plenty of latest tech features, including a large touchscreen interface, smartphone integration, and premium sound system in higher trims.

Subaru Pickup Truck interiorSubaru Pickup Truck Engine

Another aspect where Subaru Pickup Truck should mirror the new Ascent. So, expect to see a familiar 2.4-liter turbo inline-four unit, used for several models from this manufacturer. In this case, a max output will go around 260 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque, which is comparable with other V6 units in the class.

Some reports suggest a familiar 3.6-liter unit as well, though this engine doesn’t seem so likely to come in our opinion.

Subaru Pickup TruckHow about towing capacity?

Considering its unibody construction, the Subaru Pickup Truck will feature lower numbers when it comes to towing capacity. Expect something close to Honda Ridgeline, which can tow up to 5.000 pounds.

Subaru Pickup Truck Release date

As we’ve already mentioned, we are still waiting for the official confirmation. Most likely, we will see it as Subaru Pickup Truck concept first, on some major car show in the next year.

How much will Subaru Pickup Truck cost?

When it comes to Subaru Pickup Truck price, it is hard to predict exact numbers at the moment. Some rough estimate would go between 27.000 and 30.000 dollars for the base model. When it comes to the competition, the toughest rival should be Honda Ridgeline. Also, we should consider potential pickup from Kia, which should come with similar design characteristics. Finally, there are several traditional body-on-frame trucks like Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Silverado, Nissan Frontier etc.

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